The Surfer, Venice Beach, CA

I used to think I wanted a busy life, but really, I’m happier observing it.

Favourite Project


Aeris Korper X Sid Ryan Eilers

When long time collaborator and friend of mine Sid asked about doing a dance shoot, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. We chased the morning sun at one of my favourite natural spots, a nearby quarry and we made some of my favourite images to date.

The way the sun created the most epic fashion lighting, combined with Sid’s incredible expression through movement felt like magic.

Self-portraits as escapism, and a burning curiosity about the world around me.

I don’t take on many clients a year, but if you have any nature or portrait photography projects, or just want to say hi, you should get in touch.

Undisclosed Location

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Golden Hour Maternity Family Portrait

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Session The Band, Toronto, Canada

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